Participant-led projects; why you have to be prepared to fail.

As trainers and facilitators, we are all familiar with the feeling: you invent a project, it’s your baby; you love it and cherish it, but there its when you have to let it go; release it into the wild and let it survive on its own – or not. Never more is that the case than with participant-led projects such as Creative Breaks. Continue reading “Participant-led projects; why you have to be prepared to fail.”

Creative Breaks 2016; free training in the Arts, Media and Creative industries in Greater Manchester

Last year, I took part in a scheme called ‘Creative Breaks‘. I’ve written before about how amazing it was and how taking part changed my life (genuinely). Creative Breaks is happening again, starting in September this year. This time, with me as part of the training and mentoring team. We’re looking for people who would like to take part.

So if you’re reading this and live anywhere in Greater Manchester, or you know someone who does, then go ahead and apply! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Continue reading “Creative Breaks 2016; free training in the Arts, Media and Creative industries in Greater Manchester”

#CreativeBreaks in Brussels; Day One

So after getting up at 3.30am (seriously, after one hour’s sleep) it’s been a mad and wonderful day. The ony thing that’s really let it down is Ryanair… I have genuinely travelled on more comfortable wooden-carts. After arriving in Brussels and checking in to our accommodation (stunning), we paid a visit to an amazing arts centre called Zinnema. I’ll be talking about that a whole … Continue reading #CreativeBreaks in Brussels; Day One

You, the Silence and I

Creative Breaks, as well as allowing me to work on a great film myself, led me to work alongside other amazingly talented film-makers, artists, writers and others. One of those people was Alex Webb, and the Jam Street team who worked on the truly awesome film You, the Silence and I. There’s nothing I can say about it that comes close to expressing how much … Continue reading You, the Silence and I

Reflecting on Creative Breaks

If you’d told me three and a half months ago that I would be stood here today having successfully produced a short film, I wouldn’t have believed you. And yet, here I am. We’re on the verge of beginning an international multi-media campaign, showcasing some of the amazing, inspiring things that we all know go on here in Greater Manchester every day of every week. … Continue reading Reflecting on Creative Breaks