Learning, and libraries.

I'm only two weeks in, but I'd forgotten how much I enjoy learning. Having an excuse to spend hours and hours of my week immersing myself in knowledge is such a joy.

Which brings me onto libraries. Specifically, the University of Manchester libraries. Working/studying at home is a non-starters for me. “I'll start studying, just as soon as I've washed the car, cleaned the cooker, watered the garden, and fed the cat,” I don't have a cat.

Over Christmas, I joined the SCONUL Access scheme so I could use the university libraries in Manchester and I'm so glad I did. The Sackville Street building in Manchester has a wonderfully old-school, traditional academic library (the Joule Library. It's the perfect place for me to spend hours, whole days even, working through my course materials. I'm like a pig in the proverbial, and I love it.