Contact Me

There are different ways to contact me, depending on what kind of message you want to send.

Signal or WhatsApp | +447762846191

These secure messaging apps are the easiest way to get in touch with me.


  • Messages are encrypted in transit and on the providers' servers, so only the sender and recipient can read them.
  • Once you have set them up, they're as easy to use as regular text messaging.


  • All phone communication involves the phone disclosing its identity and location, so mobile apps aren't great for anonymity.
  • Mobile apps often rely on the phone's own security to protect messages stored on the phone. So if someone gets your phone and manages to unlock it, they'll be able to read undeleted messages.
  • Long messages and attachments are tricky.

Encrypted Email –

Regular email is a rubbish way to communicate since anyone can read your messages. Encrypting your emails, though, can keep them safe from prying eyes.

You can use my PGP/GPG public key to encrypt something you send me or verify something I’ve signed. If you don’t know what I’m on about, then the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) provide a handy guide to PGP/GPG and lots of other security things you really ought to know at


  • Encrypted emails and documents are protected by both encryption "keys" and passwords. The bad guys would need to know both to read your stuff.
  • You can send long messages and attachments, which is difficult using phone apps.


  • PGP requires a bit of technical prowess to set up.
  • If you lose your "keys" or forget your password, you won’t be able to read your own communication.

My key changed on 25th September 2017.
Please check that you have the latest key and download it from here:

  • Fingerprint: 139f 45a3 deb3 f993 e73c f426 1d53 a725 541d 88d6
  • Download: click here