Welcome to my website, blog, collection of rants, photos and musings, or whatever the heck this thing is now.

About me

I’m Mat Sims; 33-year-old guy living in Greater Manchester (which is in England). I make creative stuff, like radio, short films, podcasts, and most often websites. People seem to think that I’m pretty good at it, since they give me money which is nice.

About the site

stuffthingsandopinions.com is a collection of stuff that I like, things I’ve done, and a place to voice my opinions. It’s my personal blog, and nothing I say here is purely my opinion, except when it’s not.

About getting in touch

There’s a comment section on every post where you can tell me what you think. If you want to get in touch with me directly, you can find out how here.

You can also follow me on twitter: [twitter_follow screen_name=”mathewcsims”]