This is me. I promise my head’s not always that shiny!

Hi! I’m Mat; I’m thirty-two, and this is my blog. I don’t write about any one topic, in particular, preferring to cover a range of things which interest me from personal stuff, through to work, life and just the weird nature of this strange planet where we all live.

My blog started out as a place for me to write about my life living with mental health problems. Nearly two years, and 500 followers, later my health is so much better; but mental health is still something I care passionately about, so you’ll still see me writing about it here.

There’s also plenty of posts about work, which for me is digital media, marketing and communications. I set out on the exciting, and challenging, road that is freelance working a while back; and even though I love my job, from time to time, the frustrations leak out too.

Above all, though, I write most about what I care about. From the personal to the political, from the theatrical to the nonsensical, if it’s means something to me then the chances are it will make it into a blog. Hopefully, that’s what makes it interesting for you too.

Thanks for visiting,