We need a world of geniuses.

Sliced bread? The internet? Paper money? Televisions? Telephones? Teleprinters? Glasses? Candles? The wheel?

Would inventing any one of those things make me a genius?

How about passing all my GCSEs, A-Levels, a degree and a PhD?

Nope. Well, I don't think so anyway.

See, geniusness isn't about discovery. Nor is it about having a good memory, or a sudden flash of imagination. It's about intelligence.

The ability to work things out. A desire and capability to confront the difficulties in life. To make choices with inquisitiveness, objectivity, and a rational mind.

We need genuises. We need genius doctors, to fix us when we're sick. We need genius engineers to build us new technologies. We need genius scientists, to explain how the world works.

But we also need everyday geniuses. We need genius politicians, and journalists, and leaders. We need genius shopkeepers, genius teachers, and genius bus drivers. We need genius chefs, genius cleaners, genious bank clerks.

Genius people; who will take the time to be inquisitive, to find out facts, not to accept the first thing they're told. Genius people; who vote based on facts. Genius people; who make decisions affecting their lives – and the lives of others – with objectivity, and care.

Genuis people make the world better. They make good choices.

You can be a genius.

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