A close-up photograph of a metal sheet, with the word Manchester embossed in the centre surrounded by geometric shapes.
Our city, our community, suffered a hideous atrocity committed by those who seek to divide us and to scare us. They will not succeed. Manchester is stronger.

On Monday evening, our country, our city, our community, suffered a hideous atrocity. A vicious crime committed by individuals who seek to divide us, to scare us. They will not succeed. Manchester will not allow itself to become belittled by these small, insignificant bullies.

The people of Manchester are stronger than anyone who has not lived in this amazing city can ever know. They are caring. Manchester will welcome anyone, from anywhere in the world, regardless of race or religion, with open arms, and open hearts.

We celebrate together in sporting triumph; we enjoy great music, art and culture; and just the occasional curry. We are the birthplace of the suffragettes, of computers, of the Co-Op movement. We are a cradle of equality, for every person.

None of this is going to change, the community of Manchester will not allow it.

Right now, our city, our community, is grieving, together. Grief will pass. We will come out of this time, stronger than ever before.

We are Manchester. We stand together.