Manchester: peaceful, defiant, a united city.

Today, I was in Manchester.

So much of what I saw this afternoon was ordinary people, living their ordinary lives. I hope I’ve captured just a little that quintessentially British mood of  ‘keep calm and carry on’.

Yet at the same time, so much was strange and seemed horribly out of place. The armed police; the touching tributes; the quiet, respectful mood in St Anne’s Square as people gave up their lunchtime queueing to lay flowers. Even the buskers seemed quieter, more peaceful, than usual.

One of the things I love most about photography is its ability to preserve a moment in time. I hope that I’ve done this moment justice.

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3 thoughts on “Manchester: peaceful, defiant, a united city.

  1. A lovely, respectful piece. I’ve been fond of Manchester since I was student there 50 years ago, though I barely recognise the city now, as I rarely visit. One of the few good things to come out of this horrible event is the way it’s brought Mancunians together to support each other. I’d have expected no less from them.

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