Old Iron Balls | Weekly Photo 18th March 2017

In 2012, CNN named it one of “Europe’s most Bizarre buildings,” and to be fair, it does look more than a little like it might have been dropped in from space. The Atomium, a collection of stainless steel balls in the structure of an iron atom, was built in Brussels for the 1958 Expo. It now houses a museum, restaurant, and space for local schoolchildren to stay overnight on sleepovers. (The kids sleep in bunks set up in one of the spheres at the top of the structure – how cool is that!)

The view from the atop the ‘balls’ is astounding; both out over Brussels and of the steel structure itself – especially when you rememberĀ it was built in the 1950s. Just one thing tops it, though: the escalators that run up the legs of the Atomium; which are just, well, awesome.

Via Photo Challenge: Atop

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