No Such Thing As… An Ugly Sunset | Weekly Photo, 8th March 2017

No such thing as...

This is a photo taken on my old smartphone, a Lumia 735, so it’s not the quality of other shots I post to the Weekly Photo pages.

It’s here, though, because it tells a story.

Back in October 2015, when this was taken, I was still very much struggling with depression and anxiety. The, for most people simple, act of leaving the house was difficult.

On this night, though, I had a ticket to the live recording of the QI Podcast, No Such Thing As A Fish, at the Lowry Theatre in Salford; and no matter how rubbish I felt there was nothing in the world that would have stopped me going.

So anxious about the whole occasion I was, that I arrived ridiculously early and ended up spending at least ninety minutes before the show killing time wandering around Salford Quays and MediaCity. It was then that the sun began to set, and I took this photo, which has been an abiding memory both of how amazing the show was, and of my pride in myself for overcoming my own anxiety and getting there, ever since.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

PS: Because I’ve posted this so early in the week, I expect I’ll post another response to this Weekly Photo prompt before next Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “No Such Thing As… An Ugly Sunset | Weekly Photo, 8th March 2017

  1. That is a touching back story to the beautiful picture you have posted. I’d like to mention that, for me, being in Nature would be the best cure to being in depression. Hope you got out of it, and keep out of it.

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