Flickr-ing photos

For a long while, I’ve used this site as a place to post photographs I’ve taken, that I’m especially proud of. Well, I now have a Flickr portfolio to help me show them off in an even shinier and brighter way.

Six photos arranged in a grid, with the name Mathew Sims displayed above them in a bold, heading style font.
A screenshot of my Flickr portfolio. You can visit it at

If you’d like to, you can head on over and take a look.

Among the many reasons I like Flickr, is its out-of-the-box support for Lightroom – the software I use to catalogue and do basic editing of my photos. This makes it as simple as one-click of a button to upload single photos or even a whole album to the site straight from Lightroom, with minimal extra work on my part, with all the metadata intact and at full resolution – something that’s simply not possible here on WordPress.

So, although I’ll still be posting photos here on my blog, if you like what I post from ‘Down the Lens‘, head over and follow me on on Flickr too.

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