26 things I achieved in 2016, and 5 things I want to accomplish in 2017

26 Things I Achieved in 2016

  1. Wrote some poems.
  2. Visited the European Parliament.
  3. Got a new job.
  4. Began learning a new language (Sprechen sie Deutsch?).
  5. Campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU; okay, maybe not an achievement but I’m still proud I did it.
  6. Managed to come off my anti-depressants, so I’m successfully maintaining my mental health without medication for the first time in two years.
  7. Saw my first ballet.
  8. Went to the pub with friends – yes, for me this is an achievement.
  9. Set up my own, freelance business.
  10. Worked on an Arts Council England funded project for the first time.
  11. Mentored a group of young people through the 2016 Creative Breaks programme.
  12. Opened a business bank account.
  13. Spent more time with my family, especially my parents.
  14. Got outside more, and got better at enjoying the world around me.
  15. Took some super-cool photographs.
  16. Realised that it’s important to be comfortable simply ‘being’. Trying to spend all of my time ‘doing’ isn’t healthy.
  17. Became a member of Chester Zoo, supporting a fantastic charity and cause I care about.
  18. Completed a Creative Fellowship with Manchester International Festival.
  19. Learned that, sometimes, your boss isn’t always right and you have to stand up to them – which means saying ‘no’.
  20. Created my first proper YouTube video.
  21. Lost a stone in weight.
  22. Joined a gym (which probably doesn’t count, since I left after three weeks!)
  23. Managed to go a whole month without using my car.
  24. Installed a new graphics card and RAM in my computer.
  25. Saw Derren Brown live at the Lowry in Manchester
  26. Had articles that I’d written published for the first time.

5 things I want to accomplish in 2017

  1. Create my own business website.
  2. Upload a video blog once a week.
  3. Join a social club/group.
  4. Learn to create animated and visual effects in After Effects.
  5. Travel and visit more interesting places in the UK.

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