Breaking new ground. Again.

Trying new things, they say, is good for you. So what about revisiting old ones?

On Monday, I met the 2016 Creative Breaks team for the first time. In some ways they’re very different to what we were like twelve months ago but in other ways they’re just the same, finding their feet in the first days of an exciting adventure.

This time around, my role on the programme is to mentor one of the project teams. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use my experience from last time to help them make the most of Creative Breaks and maybe even avoid some of the little pitfalls which we discovered along the way. Or not, mistakes are part of the learning process, after all!

You only need to read back through my blog to realise that my life now is almost totally different to how it was a year ago; and so much for the better. Taking part in Creative Breaks is a large part of the reason for that. Not the only reason, but a large part of it.

If, in whatever small way, working on this year’s programme can help make that same difference for someone else then the next three months of my working life will be time well spent.

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