Why I’m voting to REMAIN in the European Union, and why you should too.

When you cast your vote tomorrow, remember that this is not like any other vote most of you have ever taken part in. You can’t change your mind in five years when you decide you don’t like this new way of Government after all. Out of the EU really will mean out. Forever.
Like almost every expert in the country, in the world, I simply do not believe that this is a risk worth taking.

I’m voting REMAIN because I believe passionately that the EU – for all its faults, and it has many – is overwhelmingly a force for good in this world. It has helped to bring peace to a continent where before it tens of millions died in two world wars. The EU has protected refugees, promoted human rights, created a safer workplace and improved the environment that we all live in and will leave behind us for generations to come.

The EU forms a single economic market that makes Britain a stronger force in world trade than we can ever be alone; and provides our companies with free access to one of the largest export markets in the world. It allows us to negotiate better trade deals with international partners like the USA, China, India and Brazil than we could ever do alone.

The EU protects our fundamental rights in a way that the current UK Government wants to scrap! The European Convention on Human Rights and the Data Protection laws both came from Europe and are both vital to protecting you, me and everyone else in the UK from an increasingly snooping and “big-brother” Government.

I hope you will agree with me and vote REMAIN for any or all of those reasons. But if you are at all unsure, I come back to this one point: this vote is not an election, it’s a referendum. We can’t change our minds; there is no going back.

If you are not 100% certain that you understand what is at stake, that you are totally accurately informed on all of the issues, and you are comfortable taking all of the risks, then you have a duty to yourself, your country and future generations who will come after you to vote REMAIN.

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