The Death of the United Kingdom; makes me ashamed to be British.

Well, it seems as though Britain is to leave the EU. I cannot begin to describe how ashamed I am of the fact that my fellow citizens, citizens of a country of which I thought I could be proud, have voted this way.

To say that I am disappointed is not true. I am honestly terrified of what the impact of this referendum will be: on the economy, on education, on policing and security, on the health service, on all areas of life in the UK. But most importantly on the way that the rest of the world views our country.

I do not want my home to be perceived as an insular, short-sighted country; as a country that is xenophobic, anti-trade and anti-immigration. And above all, I do not want to live in a country that is against human rights.

Unlike many, if not most, of my fellow Britains; I have had the great pleasure of spending time at the European Commission in Brussels. I have seen first hand the valuable work done for the good of all of the people of Europe – including in the UK – by the democratically elected representatives that work there on our behalf.

Words cannot begin to describe how sad I am that such valuable work will be forced to stop because of what I believe to be a short-sighted decision based on misleading information and questionable ‘facts’.

At the end of the day, however, this was a democratic referendum and so I – like everyone – must respect the outcome. What is important now is that we do everything we can to make the best that we possibly can of what is now sure to be a hideously challenging situation.

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