I mean it’s SO basic, isn’t it?

12645076_10153717168105219_4667012467887158029_nEarlier this week I came across a photo asking a seemingly simple question on Facebook: 3 – 3 x 6 + 2 = ? What seems like a simple question went on to spark something of a heated debate between the group of minor geeks that I call my friends. Let me explain…

In maths (by the way, it’s maths short for mathematics not math) there’s this thing called the ‘Order of Operations’ which tells you what order to do your operations in. I know, complicated isn’t it? The problem is we all seem to forget about it most of the time.

Operations, if you were wondering, doesn’t mean brain surgery. It means things like addition, subtraction, multiplication and so on. The order of operations can get quite difficult and involved, but for our purposes it’s simple.

If you’re in a boring mood, you can read about it here. Or, you can just watch this video:

So anyway, does it make sense now? You see why such a seemingly simple question had us all a frenzy? Okay, well that’s just nerds for you.

Now here’s thing thing, you were probably expecting me to tell you the answer right about now weren’t you? Haha, nope. You know how to do it now… so you can go right ahead and have a go yourself.

If you’re really nice to me, I’ll update the post with the answer next week 🙂

Best of luck!


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