What have you done today to make you feel #Proud?

Yes, I’m a big old softy. Really though, this is all about me finding a way to improve my self-esteem. And it’s surprisingly simple.

Starting from, well, yesterday, I’ve begun using my diary to do write down three things at the end of every day:

  1. What I have achieved that day.
  2. What I am proud of myself for.
  3. A target for myself for the following day.

It might not sounds like a massive thing, but I really think that it will help me to see that, even on my less than outstanding days, I am doing better than I think. And above all, achieving more than I think.

Hopefully it might even help me to prioritise what I want to get done by helping me to set achievable (that’s important) targets for myself.

To begin with I’ve promised myself that I’m going to do this for January, then review it and see how it’s been going. After that, I’ll let you guys know.

If any of you do anything similar, or have any other hints or tips for keeping up your self-esteem, comment down below. I’d love to hear them!

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