To sleep or not to sleep. A post about Insomnia, Sleep Hygiene & Mental Health.

Although my general mental health has improved beyond belief in the last year, one thing I still struggle with is sleep. Getting to sleep, staying asleep when I eventually do, and getting up at the right time are all things that I have real problems with. Even when I don’t have days like this one:

Yes, as you can tell from that post and this tweet – this morning was an early start:

Of course, there’s not a lot to be done when work means I have to get up at 5am. Though I suppose getting to sleep before midnight last night would have helped.

There are ways even chronic insomnia sufferers like me can improve their sleep though, and without having to resort to medication.

As the fact-sheet explains (you can download a .pdf copy from the external site be clicking here), “sleep hygiene is a series of steps you can take to help you to get to sleep naturally.” There are lots of tips, including things like:

  • avoiding too much caffeine before bed
  • not watching TV or using too many electronic devices, and
  • having a regular, relaxing bed-time routine.

Now I’m normally pretty sceptical about these things, but I have to say that it’s only four o’clock in the afternoon right now and I genuinely feel exhausted. So, continuing on my New Year’s Resolution of setting myself targets, I’m going to try out the sleep hygiene tips for the next week, starting tonight, and next Saturday I’ll post again to say how I’ve got on.

Here’s hoping I’m feeling a bit more awake next week!


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