Last week I posted about Sleep Hygiene, how I was struggling to get enough rest and what I was planning to do about it. 5 Borough’s Partnership NHS Trust had provided some helpful hints, so here’s an update on how well – or not – I’ve been getting on.

On the plus side, following the ideas in the sheet (having a regular evening routine, doing something relaxing before bed and so on) has really made a difference. I am getting to sleep much more easily. Not so good is that I’m still having a right nightmare of a time dragging my sorry backside out from under by duvet in the mornings.

The trick for me, I think, is going to be to make sure that I have a definite reason to be up and about early each and every morning – not always the case when you’re a freelancer – so that I have to force myself. So that’s the new plan for this coming week. Hopefully it’ll be another step in the right direction!

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