Jar of 2016, recording achievements to improve self-esteem & mental health.

I’ve said before that the best ideas can sometimes be the most obvious ones. And this is one of the best, and simplest, ways I’ve seen that can be used to boost your own feelings of self-worth and, so, your general mental health.

All you need is:

  • an old jar (or any other container),
  • some scraps of paper,
  • something to write with.

Take a look at Jake’s video and you’ll soon get the idea…

For someone like me, who often finds it tough to see the good in themselves, simple things like this (or this) that make me think about what I’ve achieved really, really help me.

Thanks to Jake for such a wonderful idea! I’ll certainly be trying out myself for 2016, and I can’t wait to get to the end of the year and be able to look back at all the fantastic things that I just know are going to happen.

A bit about Jake.

Jake describes himself as “a Trans dude from the UK; making music, giving advice, educating the world and kissing my boyfriend is my game.” You can follow him on twitter @jakeftmagic and viist his YouTube channel by clicking here.

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