Mindfulness, writing, creativity and recovery.

One simple question “Have you tried writing about it?” That was all it took for me. I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly creative kind of guy. I can make videos and use a camera, but it’s not exactly cutting edge. But that one question from a mental health professional prompted me towards a different kind of creativity: writing.

Writing; whether it’s poetry. blogging or even writing letters really helps me deal with the times when I’m feeling less than awesome. I’ve suffered with a variety of mental health issues over the years, mainly depression, anxiety and compulsive behaviours, and writing helps because it forces me to get my thoughts in a straight line, rather than being all jumbled up.

For me, writing is almost like meditation; a form of mindfulness. It calms me, helps me to structure my thinking and look at the world in a more logical, objective way. For those reasons, it’s been a great help to me in my ongoing recovery.

Being creative, with my writing and now film making too, has also given me the chance to produce some work that I’m immensely proud of. There are some examples of my poetry, writing and video making here on my blog. I hope that all of the work that I’ve done, and the fact that I’m taking part in Creative Breaks shows that, for people who find themselves in a hole like I ended up in, there is hope, and sometimes you can find that hope in the most unlikely places.

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  1. It’s the feeling of creative expression and simply letting my words flow that I appreciate most about writing. Like you said it’s almost like meditation. Being present and filterless.

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