Writing 201: Poetry | 8: Flavour, Elegy, Enumeratio

A tougher one today I think. If you’re not sure what elegy and enumeratio (nope, me neither) then this is for you:

  • In English literature, an elegy is a mournful, melancholic or plaintive poem, especially a funeral song or a lament for the dead. From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elegy.
    Okay, so I’m not using it in quite the way in my poem, but you get the idea: it’s about something that evokes strong feelings or emotions. It’s also about Elegaic Couplets, but if you want to give those a try go ahead – you’re braver than I am!
  • Enumeratio: Figure of amplification in which a subject is divided into constituent parts or details, and may include a listing of causes, effects, problems, solutions, conditions, and consequences; the listing or detailing of the parts of something. From: http://www.americanrhetoric.com/figures/enumeratio.htm.

And so, now that’s out of the way… on with the poetry:

For lunch, for dinner, for supper, breakfast or tea;
it matters not which meal to me
for whatever the meal, whatever the place
there’s always time for something Chinese with which to stuff my face.

Chilli, garlic and ginger alike, the Holy Trinity of spice
makes the strangest of tastes seem flavoursome and nice.
With a little love, a little care and a little Wok Hei,
even snake, or locust or, God help me, dog, can brighten the day.

Rewarding myself after a long, hard day or consoling
when, at the bitter end, I’m suffering
the tingle, the excitement, the spice: hot, sour, sweet
dancing and tingling from taste-buds to feet.

For lunch, for dinner, for supper, breakfast or tea;
it matters not which meal to me.

Okay, so it’s just a Chinese takeaway, but I like it. Unfortunately now I’m too hungry to carry on posting: I’ll have a number 42 with egg fried rice please waiter 🙂

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