Writing 201: Poetry | 5: Map, Ode, Metaphor

Maps, especially those produced by the ever wonderful Ordnance Survey, are something that I absolutely love. Partly because I’m always amazed by the sheer attention to detail, work and effort that go into producing them; partly because they’re as good a work of art as you’ll find in any gallery and partly because, being a keen outdoors-man, they’ve got me out of a tricky hole more times than I care to remember.

So, here we go, my ode to the wonder that is maps:

Beauty, pleasure, hidden treasure
safety, adventure, home.
Just lines and dots on a piece of old tree
yet so much more to many, including me.

Walk to school, catch the train to work,
climb a mountain, wander aside a stream;
small pleasure in life, made possible by OS
part of Great Britain, pride, integrity, there for all of us.

Like a blanket, holding me close,
against the odds, mother nature to face;
guiding me through every day of adventure, but more
bringing me home, safe.

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