Writing 201: Poetry | 3: Skin, Prose Poetry, Internal Rhyme

Sorry for getting a little behind with these – the end of last week all got a little but manic. But more about that another time; for now, on with the poetry!

The third assignment in the course was Skin, Prose Poetry & Internal Rhyme. Skin, the prompt, is, well, Skin (you knew that, right?); Prose Poetry is a poetry without any fixed style or structure and Internal Rhyme is where words within the poem, even perhaps within each verse or line, rhyme (kind of like that really).

So, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin:

Thick skin, thin skin;
water off the ducks back, soaking in.
Those sticks, those stones, those words that break my bones;
charging onwards, forging through, facing challenges, loving the new.

Do I let it break through to me? Should I hide away? Or flee?
My devil created the demons in me, even though I cry on bended knee
begging, pleading: “please help me.”

Putting on a brave face, some call it; covering yourself so thick
that like a Rhino in the bushes no barb leaves more than a prick.
Like Achilles though, little did he know, that it’s just the one that needs to stick,
before the inside pours forth, in that messy, oily slick.

My skin: sometimes thick, sometimes thin.

This poem definitely comes from the heart and my own experience of mental illness, depression and anxiety than some of my others. As always, any and all feedback is welcome in the comments below.



5 thoughts on “Writing 201: Poetry | 3: Skin, Prose Poetry, Internal Rhyme

  1. Hiya first off, thank you for sharing this personal poem of yours. I think it’s such a brave thing to be able to share what you have been though and I just want to let you know this is a great poem that I can see many people can relate to; I have and keep on writing! 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks! That’s a really lovely thing to say. Writing like this certainly helps me, so if others can relate to it to then it was most certainly worth the effort. 🙂

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