Training, Practicing, Enjoying.

The headquarters of Manchester Fire and Rescue Service probably wasn’t the place I expected to start a media training course! The first two weeks of Creative Breaks – where we’ve been learning, training and gelling together as a team – have been amazing though.

Some of the training that we’ve done – on questioning techniques, teamwork, storyboarding for example – I’ve done before, though a recap is always useful. Other items, such as the practical training with the lighting rigs and specific cameras and sound equipment was both useful and fascinating.

More importantly, I had the chance to meet the small team that I’ll be completing the rest of the Creative Breaks project with. We’ve already agreed the direction that we’d like the work we’re doing to take… but that’s something for another post later in the project.

For now… here’s my learning log where I’ve kept a brief record of what Ive been up to for the last couple of weeks.

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