Remembering to take my medication.

Daily Medication
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Joking aside, you’d think that it would be pretty simple to remember to take one tablet every day wouldn’t you? Well trust me, it’s easier to forget than you think. As I well and truly proved yesterday. Let me explain:

Yesterday afternoon (having not got out of bed until lunchtime – I was already not feeling great) I had to go to the JobCentre. It was after I’d driven into town and was talking there that I realised that I hadn’t taken my daily dose of Citalopram (depression & anxiety – see NHS Choices). So, I made a mental note to remember to take it as soon as I got home. No biggie, I’d missed doses by a couple of hours before with little problem.

With hindsight, I should have twigged that the growing panic and unease I was feeling sat in the JobCentre waiting for my appointment was worse than normal. But I didn’t. I just did my deep breathing and muscled through the appointment. Then I drove home and took my tablet, ah, well, no. I drove home, but by this time the Citalopram had totally slipped my mind.

So, at home, I watched some TV – the Vuelta a Espana as it happens – and got something to eat. By this time I was feeling up tight, anxious, angry with everyone and everything and generally in a really ‘down in the dumps’ mood, with some added paranoia and cravings thrown in for good measure. In short, I felt rotten. So, did I remember to take my medication? Did I heck.

What I actually did was decide that I wanted to watch a DVD (why? who knows) but that there wasn’t anything in the house that I wanted to watch so I would have to go out and buy one. Illogical? Just a little when I could have watched anything under the sun online, but I wasn’t thinking all that logically at the time. So, I got on my car and drove to ASDA and then Tesco.

I must have spent 30 minutes at least in each one, trying to choose a DVD and failing. The way I drove was appalling. Too fast, too close to the car in front and way, way to angrily. There’s no way I should have been behind the wheel in that state. I need to be more careful of that in the future.

Anyway, it was only when I finally got home from that – by which time it must have been about 9pm, that I finally realised. Medication! So, I took my tablet and finally settled on watching Sherlock on my laptop. Within half-an-hour I felt like a different person. Calm, relaxed, able to see things objectively – and realise what I jackass I’d been earlier in the day.

So there you go; a lesson to be learned: Mathew needs to remember to take his medication!

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