Hospital Appointment – the aftermath.

This is a follow-up to my earlier post ‘Hospital Appointment’ of 27th April.

Just in case anyone was wondering I did manage to go to my assessment appointment on the 30th April. But what I didn’t manage to do was actually talk about half of the things that I wanted to say. In fact I had such a massive attack of what I can only describe as shy-ness that I sat for 20 minutes in the waiting room and then through 45 minutes of appointment desperate for the loo but without having the courage to ask where they were. I don’t know quite how I managed to hold it in! (Sorry, that’s probably way too much information.)

Anyway, so there’s another appointment on Tuesday (12th May) afternoon, so hopefully I’ll actually be able to talk this time. I think it would probably be more useful if I did, after all.

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