Glasgow: the arse end of the UK. Sorry.

I don’t want this to offend anyone. I’m sure there are parts of Glasgow that are lovely and there are probably thousands of delightful people who live there. That, though, was not my experience when I decided to visit today.

My humble opinion would have to be that Glasgow seemed to me to be just about the dirtiest, most unkempt and least cared for city that I have ever had the misfortune to spend a day in. And I’ve been to Liverpool. And Paris!

The pavements were dirty; the streets carpeted in litter; the people: rude; the buildings coated liberally in grime and visitor attractions non-existent.

Sorry residents of Glasgow; it had been my intention to take lots of nice photos (like my day in York) and write lots of gushing prose about how wonderful your city is. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Next time, I’ll be going back to Edinburgh.

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