Week ending 18th April 2015 – a wholly profitable enterprise!

So I find myself unusually (honest!) sat in a McDonalds n Manchester having my breakfast. Something that I haven’t done for ages. Why? You may well ask.

This last week I’ve been at home by myself, the rest of the family having been away at relatives, and it’s been far from an ordinary week. At the start of the week I was feeling pretty rotten, with side effects from my medication getting me down and feeling, quite frankly, rather bored. Then two rather odd things happen:

  1. I get a random letter from HMRC saying that I’m due an almost £400 refund on my 2013-14 income tax (yes I do mean 13/14 and no I don’t know what took them so long either)
  2. Another even more random letter arrives from my former employer saying that they’ve realised that they underpaid me when I left, and enclosing a cheque for just over £680.

Not too shabby, I think 🙂  So what am I doing with all this money? First job was to get the car serviced, which is where it is today and why I’ve had to get the train into Manchester early for me weekly session with my therapist, Tom.

Yes – that’s my excuse for the Maccy’s breakfast!

Assuming that the car doesn’t eat up all of the money, the rest of it is going to sit in my ISA account waiting for an occasion when I actually need it.  Given that I’m surviving on benefits at the moment to do anything else with it would seem irresponsible.  Though I might treat myself to a golf lesson and a new glove, we’ll see what the car sets me back and take things from there.

Earlier in the week I posted about having been to see my doctor, and that he gave me an extra tablet to take once a day to help counteract the side effects I was having trouble with. The new drug is working brilliantly and since the first dose I took the side effects have gone pretty much completely – so yay!

I also have started to feel generally much more upbeat in my mood. This last week I’ve been spending much more time being conscious of my thinking and have found completing the ‘homework’ that I got at last week’s therapy session really quite helpful. Something that I think I will be able to continue over the next few weeks (with any luck) and you never know, things might be beginning to start to improve. We can but hope, and for the time-being I am determined to stay positive.

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