Up, down, top and bottom.

So the Large Hadron Collider (LHC – or as I have been known to call it ‘that huge donut thing underneath Geneva’) has to be my favourite thing ever.  Quite apart from the sheer size and scale of the thing, which is mind-blowing, there’s the very nature of the scientific endeavour.

You see, science is all about getting out there and trying to answer the questions of life.  Sometimes I think that every professional scientist should have a small toddler present whenever they present their research.  You know the kind I mean: the one that keeps on, and on, and on asking “Why?”  Because that’s what science is all about.

For anyone who asks what the practical applications of projects like the LHC are, the answer is simply that we don’t know until we try.  However let’s not overlook that the biggest single product of completely undirected scientific research like this is the very World Wide Web on which you’re reading this post.

Anyway, as a celebration of the fact that the LHC is due back on-line around about know to start ‘run two,’ I thought I’d post my all time favourite YouTube science video. Enjoy:

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