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So, I did have a blog before that largely was about my job – which I have now left; and my voluntary work – which I am no longer doing.  Rather than carrying on with the blog, I decided to create a new one to chart my steps on the road to my new life and start all over again.

You see, back in August 2014 I was diagnosed with depression.  I’m also suffering massively with anxiety and insomnia, which it goes without saying are well linked in to the depression.  As with many people in this country, I’ve had the devil of a job getting the help and treatment that I need – even ending up having to pay a private psychotherapist because my own GP couldn’t (despite his best efforts) get me the necessary on the NHS.  And that’s despite him being chair of the local clinical commissioning group!

I’ve had to go through the nightmare of claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), which even a quick internet search will reveal is not exactly a barrel of laughs.  And I’ve ended up an a shed-load of financial trouble over debts that now I’m not working I simply cannot pay.  In short, the last few months have not been fun.

This blog, although I’m sure it will touch on those things, is not about all that though.  I want this, and my new twitter account, to be a step for me on the way to getting better.  I want to use it as a way for me to express myself and talk about my interests and passions.  Hopefully, it will be a step in the right direction.

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