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Four Noble Truths

BBC Radio 4 LogoOne of the things I love about BBC Radio 4 is that every so often I’ll end up listening to something that I would never have chosen to, but that is genuinely interesting or enlightening.  Such was the case earlier this afternoon when I happened across “A History of Ideas: Naomi Appleton on the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths.”  Although I have a basic understanding of Buddhism, I found the interpretation that this placed on mindfulness and the idea of being able to acknowledge our addictions/habits/urges etc. without actually acting on them quite compelling – not to mention potentially a useful concept for me to try to apply to myself.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to embed BBC content here on WordPress, so here’s a link to the programme page where you can listen for yourself (probably not available outside the UK): http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05nxhj6.

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