A visit to see Bond, Dr. Bond…

It has always appealed to my sense of humour that my GP (family doctor for those who don’t live in the UK) shares his name with an actor who once played James Bond.  And for that reason he’s always called simply ‘James’ in our house.

Anyway, so I had an appointment with him this afternoon because I’ve been suffering from some side effects from my anti-depressants.  For the sake of clarity, I’m on citalopram which was increased in dose a few weeks ago.  Basically since the dose was increased I’ve had persistent heartburn and (I’ll try to be polite) loose bowels.  Sorry, not nice I know.

So James’ verdict?  Choose one of three options:

  1. Reduce the citalopram dose.
  2. Change to a different medication.
  3. Take another medication to try to combat the side effects.

Since reducing the dose isn’t really an option, and we didn’t want to risk changing med’s at the moment James prescribed an additional medication called Omeprazole which apparently should calm things down.  Needless to say I hope it does!

2 thoughts on “A visit to see Bond, Dr. Bond…

  1. I just started following you. I asked what you’re taking meds for on another post and I see you take anti-depressants. So do I. What do you take them for if you don’t mind my asking?

  2. Thanks for following and for your comment. I actually answered on the other post already 🙂 But for the sake of completeness the ant-depressants are for, well, depression. Feels slightly silly stating the obvious like that, but I know they are used for other things too.

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