The other week on Gaydio (shameless plug alert, listen at gaydio.co.uk/nw) we spoke to Susie Green from Mermaids, and Caroline Hollick from Red Production Company, about what life is like for gender variant young people and their families in 2018. I'm really chuffed with this item. Firstly, because despite being an LGBT+ radio station, we don't produce anything like enough trans content. And second, because … Continue reading Butterfly

A table laid with mince pies and Christmas decorations.

The Worst Christmas Food You Ever Had

I have two horrid Christmas food stories, both at work: The Sprout Incident Imagine a Christmas lunch. What's the least relaxing place you can think of where you could hold one? Yep, surrounded by 400 kids. Oh, and it was cooked in a school kitchen. Dire, springs to mind. Now, I hate sprouts at the best of times, but even if I didn't… the following … Continue reading The Worst Christmas Food You Ever Had

We need a world of geniuses.

Sliced bread? The internet? Paper money? Televisions? Telephones? Teleprinters? Glasses? Candles? The wheel? Would inventing any one of those things make me a genius? How about passing all my GCSEs, A-Levels, a degree and a PhD? Nope. Well, I don't think so anyway. See, geniusness isn't about discovery. Nor is it about having a good memory, or a sudden flash of imagination. It's about intelligence. … Continue reading We need a world of geniuses.

A boy sits on the floor, alone.

‘If you leave your house, I’ll shoot you. I’ll kill you.’ #bullying

I’m walking across the school yard outside the science labs when this kid comes right up to my face. He has one hand in his bag. I must have looked like I was about to pass out with fear, because that’s how I felt. “I’ll be watching you this weekend. I know where you live. If you go out of your front door, I’ll be waiting for you with my gun, and I’ll shoot you. I’ll kill you. Got it?” I believed him. Continue reading ‘If you leave your house, I’ll shoot you. I’ll kill you.’ #bullying