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I hate Twitter less than Facebook, but I still hate it. I use it to interact with people I know, to stalk people I admire, and to read news from sources I trust. I even, just occasionally, tweet.

I don't like that Twitter creates an archive of my tweets that exists for ever. What I think now may not be what I think next week, nevermind next month, next year, or next decade.

So, from now on, all my tweets will delete themselves roughly two-weeks after they're posted. The same goes for 'likes', though that might take a little longer.

If you don't like that please do write your feedback on a postcard, and then keep it to yourself :)


I'm only two weeks in, but I'd forgotten how much I enjoy learning. Having an excuse to spend hours and hours of my week immersing myself in knowledge is such a joy.


I’m a student again. At the age of 34½ I am heading back to university studying “Natural Sciences”.


I do like a good gif. The other day, I came across this beauty, which so perfectly explains something I find incredibly hard to put into words: anxiety.


I did something last week that I have never done before. At the age of 31, I hung a pair of curtains. Yes, I did; and what’s more I’m proud of it. They’re big, they’re blue and they’re ruining my life.


In 2006-7, Lebanon and Israel were once again at war. I don’t know what the reason was that time. What I do know is how it was covered in the western media: polarisation, extremism, bombings and terror. I suppose all of those things were happening but they didn’t involve the whole population.


When I posted yesterday, I really didn’t know what the reaction of other people would be. In the end I’ve been bowled over with kindness and support – some of the time from complete strangers. Right now I feel like I’m walking on air. All of your kind thoughts and words have made a huge, huge difference. They really have.


311 days ago I was formally, and finally, diagnosed with severe, major depression. Some of you will know what happened to finally tip me over the edge, some of you won’t. But as I now feel ready, I wanted to explain – as much as I can – what has been going in with me for the last year, and before.